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Unique Tools For Every Situation

Lindström customers are innovators, pushing the envelope, developing new technologies and building new industries. When presented with a need to prepare prototypes, insert or extract unique components, or cut proprietary hard wire, our customers turn to Lindström for Specially Engineered Tools.


Lindström has developed tools used in specialized applications for the largest names in medical device manufacturing and for small startup companies developing new technology. Every project receives the same attention to detail for a tool that is right for the job at hand. To make the process easy Lindström has no minimum order quantity for Specially Engineered Tools. Our tool designers and manufacturers representatives work directly with production engineers to ensure success. We thrive on solving problems with our customers.

  • Introduction
  • Develop Your Customized Precision Cutter
  • IC insertion/extraction tools and IC cutters
  • Stand-off cutters
  • Cut and Bend
  • Cut and Form
  • Leadformers
  • Performance specific cutters

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